Welcome to the website of IRFAN SHAHID

Objective of the Website 

  • Remove the misconceptions about interest-free Banking and Finance

  • Conduct seminars and workshops to train people in the field of Islamic Finance

  • Undertake research and development on Islamic Finance

  • Publish new articles and reports on Islamic Finance

  • Translate articles written on Islamic Finance into other languages for instance Arabic 

  • Provide training to shariah scholars in the field of Banking and Finance

  • Develop basic Islamic literacy training model for conventional bankers and professionals

  • Help students to undertake education in Islamic Finance

  • Offer Career counseling for students who want to pursue a career in Islamic Finance

  • Establish a unit on Islamic Finance in libraries at various Universities

  • Help students to take research projects on Islamic Finance.

  • Print magazines and Books on Islamic Finance.

  • Help institutions in the establishment of business in Islamic Finance