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Introduction of the website | Islamic Science

This website aims to project the contributions of Muslims in the field of Science and Technology. Some people believe that the entire world was in Dark Age but when we study the history of Islamic Science thus we found a number of discoveries and inventions were made by Moorish (Muslim) in the Dark Age. Thousands of books were written by Muslim Scientists on various subjects related to science and technology during 7th century to 12th century. This website will highlight the some of the contributions of Muslims in Science and technology. In order to make familiar readers, new material will be added from time to time.


Living Evidence is a Series of Articles in which the author has presented sets of evidence, mainly external and easily accessible, which prove that the Islamic Civilization has made great contribution to the development of science and technology

Inventions and Discoveries

This Web page presents Islamic inventions, discoveries and first in science and technology. It would not behove the scientific temper to claim absoluteness in the field in the absence of a thorough study of the world’s sciences. We know the history of science in China, India and particularly in the Islamic Civilisation has not been studied nor have I studies all the available material on the subject. Never the less, the idea presented here have been endorsed by various scholars and researches. As with other sections in this site new material will be added from time to time. Innumerable original ideas hidden in the numerous Islamic Books scattered around the world are waiting to be discovered

European Names of Islamic Scientists

Though in our times correct names of Islamic Scientist is widely used by people across the world during the middle ages, when Islamic books were widely translated and studied in Europe. Islamic names suffered being latanized beyond recognition. They almost sounded like latin/ European names. Thus Ibn Sina became Avicenna, Jabir was Gebor, Ibn Bejja was Avanpaee and Ibn Rushd to Averroes. This was mainly casualty of Linguistic and cultured variation and not a deliberate attempt of distorting Islamic names as some would believe for the same reason. Latin/ European names are misrepresented in Islamic languages