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Irfan Shahid, the author of this website does not claim authority on the history and social science. He considers himself a student of history and economics. He is graduated from a traditional Madarsa (Islamic Seminary) where he studied the Tafseer (Commentary of Quran), Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic History and Arabic Language. Shahid earned  dual Master degrees in Economics, Islamic Banking and Shariah Law.He is awarded a number of certificates and diplomas in various disciplines of knowledge. Shahid is prolific writer and orator on Islam and various socio-economic issues of Muslims. He regularly contributes articles, reports and research papers to various  newspapers, magazines and journals published in India and abroad. In pursuit of knowledge and the experience he travelled to a number of universities and colleges in various  countries. He has delivered a number of lectures and Jumah Khutba in various countries.  

Mr Shahid hold many positions in various organisations like a trustee, financial advisor,  educational counsellor and Shariah Scholar. He is the author of various articles and research papers in English, Hindi and Urdu languages.  Recently Markazi Maktaba Islami Delhi has published his a Book on Share Market  and Islam.  Mischiefs of Dajjal,  Trade Mechanism and Takaful are his well-accepted books for under-graduate students. 

He has worked as an associate professor in India and abroad. He has very rich experience in teaching Economics, Research Methodology, Islamic Finance and Shariah Law. He has trained more than thousands of graduates.

The web page you are reading is an outcome of his consistent thinking and writing. Fiqhul Muamilat  is doing  best to bring all his writings at one place for easy access and mass welfare of public and lover of Islamic finance. For more detail kindly mail us at [email protected] or [email protected]

This website is managed by Fiqhul Muamilat